How to use money filter in Liquid Shopify

How to use money filter in Liquid Shopify

Introduction to Liquid

Shopify developed an excellent templating language called Liquid. It’s like the secret weapon for creating beautiful templates for your online business. What’s best? It is widely utilized by numerous software projects and businesses and is accessible as an open-source project on GitHub.

You have access to tags, filters, and objects with Liquid, which makes customizing your Shopify themes a breeze. Liquid gives you the ability to design stunning and useful storefronts for your online business, regardless of whether you’re a developer or a business owner. So get ready to investigate the options and enhance the beauty of your Shopify store! 🛍️💻🎨

What is money Filter in liquid Shopify?

In Liquid, the Money filter helps you calculate bills for customers with different currencies. It’s super useful for websites that sell products to both local and international shoppers, dealing with various currencies.

The Money filter follows common currency formatting used in standard settings. You can easily switch currencies to inform buyers about their payments just by clicking on standards and formats.

This tutorial will guide you on how to use the Money filter with currencies, money with no decimals, and money without currencies. Let’s get started and make managing currencies a piece of cake! 💰🌍

How to use money Filter

{{ product.price | money }}$10.00
{{ product.price | money_with_currency }}$10.00 USD
{{ product.price | money_without_currency }}10.00
{{ product.price | money_without_trailing_zeros }}$10

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Hardik Davra
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